onsdag den 6. marts 2013

My new Italian wine dealer

Most Wine Shops are offering small tastings every month or occasionally. Living in the centre of the Town with several good Wine Shops around me, I am attending some of them. Normally it is possible to taste five or six wines – enough to get an impression of a region or the wines on sale. And something you can do on your way home after work.
One of the places is a small importer of Italian Wine, called Vinotek A Fynnis, which I recently started to visit. The name is a sort of mixture between Danish and Italian and means something like the Enoteca on Funen, the name of the region. The place opened back in 2000 as the result of the owner’s passion for good Italian wine – the same story which is behind many other small Wine Shops and importers.     
Last Month Vinotek A Fynnis focused on wines from Piemonte including a very tasty Aperture Pinot Nero from Colombo, well balanced and comparable with wines from Burgundy. Some days ago they presented five wines from Tuscany, mainly based on Sangiovese of course.
The first wine was a plain Chianti Classico 2008 from the young estate Castelo di Radda. Cherries hidden in the nose and a dry tail with tannins. It was followed by a more powerful Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2009 called “La Torretta” from La Qeurce, a small estate just south of Florence. More expressive, ripe cherries and a lot of fruit, soft notes from 14 months in barriques and very well balanced. A wine, that gives value for money.
Another great wine was the Poliziano, a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2007, which had a hint of oak in the nose and acid to balance the plummy fruit. A really nice glass - powerful, but elegant and with a broader palet. Looking forward to try it with a good meal.
The last two wines were both from 2009 and both based on 100 % Sangiovese. First a Montecucco Sangiovese form Salustri and then Morelliono di Scansano 2009 from Colle Spinello. Both with harder tannins.

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