mandag den 28. januar 2013

More than Wine

Why calling this new blog about Wine for "More than Wine"? Well, that is excactly what it is about.
I am a journalist - and I am a winelover. In my work and on this blog, I try to combine the two of them. That means that I will be writing about wine with tasting notes, but not just that. I will try to tell stories connected to the Wine, the District or the Country as well.
I have a big passion for Portugal. Because of that you will often find something about port and portuguese wine here. But not only. My passion for Wine is general. I am curious, open minded and allways interested in learning and experience more.
I am from Denmark, and English is not my native language. I will try to do my best, but I hope that you will excuse the mistakes, that will appear.   

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